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Critical acclaim for R4’s “Blaze of Glory” CD

“This disc is great fun alongside terrific musicianship…the recorded sound is crystal clear but not too dry, the booklet contains scholarly and informative program notes, and River Raisin Ragtime Revue is a
crack ensemble that plays with verve as well as polish. Five stars.”
Henry Fogel, Fanfare Music Reviews

“…a nostalgic look back at a time when ragtime and jazz were sweeping the nation, when every small town bandstand reverberated to the strains of marches, one-steps, foxtrots, cakewalks, and popular and novelty songs…A fun-filled outing featuring the trombone’s role in early American popular music. Five stars.”
Robert Shulslaper, Fanfare Music Reviews

“…a balanced and exciting program that any fan of early American music will enjoy…The liner notes accompanying Blaze of Glory are a gem of the art form… In most years the Grammy for Best Album Notes is a hold your breath moment for us at TST…Someone should slip in a nomination for this one…The album provides an emotional balance and sense of progression…Its no-holds-barred authenticity and scholarship with the joy of the listener in mind. Five stars”
Joe Bebco, The Syncopated Times

“Lindahl plays in period style, and also in a manner appropriate for the repertory. In other words, you should not expect him to play like Christian Lindberg, although both are world-class talents…The musicians of the River Raisin Ragtime Revue rise to a similarly high standard… Fresh after more than a century, these works deserve the loving attention they receive here. Five stars”
Raymond Tuttle, Fanfare Music Reviews

“…the musicians have an innate understanding of how this music ought to go. Their ensemble is immaculate, but there is also a terrific rough edge to their sound that speaks of the circus, the fairground, and the local dance hall…This disc is a heck of a lot of fun, truly toe-tapping, and totally irresistible. It transports you back to an era when
folks were out a-struttin’…Five stars”
Phillip Scott, Fanfare Music Reviews

“Robert Lindahl is a fabulous player…The discipline of the band is as remarkable as Robert Lindahl’s versatility and expressivity. The whole project shows how keenly focused performance of this repertoire can be
revelatory…Superbly informative notes round off a class release, making it clear that the whole enterprise takes its subject matter very seriously indeed…a fine recording…Five stars.”
Colin Clarke, Fanfare Music Reviews

“The high musicianship which is very apparent in the ensembles, the musicians’ familiarity with the pre-1920 styles and phrasing, and Robert Lindahl’s versatile and superior trombone playing make Blaze Of Glory an enjoyable listen and a must for ragtime collectors.”
Scott Yanow, The Los Angeles Jazz Scene

“Blaze of Glory” and other R4 CDs can be purchased online at the R4 Store.

Earlier testimonials

“The music on this CD [Ragtime Detroit !] has been meticulously researched and is performed to an equally meticulous high standard. This CD is packed with rare treasures, beautifully played.”
Mike Durham, Just Jazz [London , England]

“…an eminently enjoyable disc…played with infectious enthusiasm…it is education, entertainment, and a sonic blast rolled into one.”
George Chien, Fanfare Magazine

“… the Red Back Book shows that the music is even more beautiful and charming when played by an orchestra. This very worthy project is highly recommended…”
Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene

“[Ragtime Detroit ! is] another winner! Just great music!
– Max Morath, celebrated ragtime pianist & entertainer

“…a big hit with our audience…quite special.”
– Rudy Lauerman, Performing Arts Coordinator, Detroit Institute of Arts

“[The Red Back Book] is an impressive reconstruction… their performances have a charming lyricism and freedom that stand in contrast to the rather stiff renditions still available from the first flowering of the ragtime revival in the 1970s…they have an infectious enthusiasm for the sweet aspect of classic ragtime that so often gets lost. Highly recommended.”
– James Manheim, allmusic.com

“Listening is like being transported back in time to a concert in the park on a pleasant Sunday afternoon a century ago. The orchestra is thoroughly professional.”
– Bill Mitchell, The Mississippi Rag

“They [The River Raisin Ragtime Revue] sound very much like a ragtime ensemble from circa 1910, performing the ancient and obscure music flawlessly…this CD [Ragtime Detroit!] is full of forgotten gems. ”
– All Music Guide

“…a nostalgic look at America, perfectly played and guaranteed to put the tap back in your toes.”
– The Ann Arbor News

“Each performance knocked me out…I believe now I’ve seen it all, and I want to see it all again and again.”
– R. Michael Montgomery, American Music Historian

“[Ragtime Detroit !] is an outstanding recording … The playing is thoroughly professional and clean, rhythms are sharply articulated, the arrangements – some adaptations of original scores, some original by music director William Hayes – are uniformly excellent…This is an exciting recording and I look forward to R4′s future releases.”
– Edward A. Berlin, author of King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and His Era and Ragtime: A Musical and Cultural History

“Who knew history could sound so sweet?”
– Adrian Daily Telegram

“R4 has not only given us musical enjoyment but has also provided a great historical service…aficionados everywhere would be wise to add it [The Red Back Book] to their collections. Recommended.”
– Jack Rummel, host of Ragtime America KGNU (Boulder , CO)